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why why why *crying forever*


Peter & Alice



Peter & Alice


With Peter I’m finding it hard to explain. When the play starts you just get swept up in it. I always think it’s best when things just happen, things that take you by surprise. I like those moments best.”

Ben Whishaw and Judi Dench answer fans’ questions on the Michael Grandage Company Facebook page. Hit the link for the rest. I saw when they were advertising, now I wish I’d submitted a question! (And seriously people, this has been all over lately with no link to the original—CITE YOUR FRICKING SOURCES.)

Some other tidbits:

Ruby Bentall and Olly Alexander have been all over talking about how amazing Ben and Judi are. Of course.

Ben’s Richard II won a UK Broadcasting Press Guild Award the other day. Alas, Ben himself was beat out by one Benedict Cumberbatch (blast!).



a “new” interview

I always feel I am in the dark. You are never finished… it is not as if you can look back and think: ah… I know what I am talking about. You are only as good as your last job and are always struggling and striving and you never quite get to where you want to be…


Scans from The Times Saturday review Ben Whishaw article (16/3/13).
Bigger versions here: Page 1 | Page 2

Lovely! Nice to see the shot of Ben in character for Peter and Alice.

Ben Whishaw: Patron saint of the introverts



(For those of you without a subscription to the Times)

The Times, 16 March 2013.

At 32, he has done Shakespeare, Keats, BBC drama and Bond - but Ben Whishaw is still poster boy for the shy. He tells Andrew Billen about fans, hair cuts and taking the West End stage with Dame Judi.

Pedants quibbled over the authenticity of Abi Morgan’s The Hour, BBC Two’s drama about the birth of current affairs television in the Fifties, but one thing the production got so right was Ben Whishaw’s hair. Whishaw played Freddie Lyon, a trouble-making journalist who was a spit for the young Charles Wheeler, the corporation’s great, feisty former Washington correspondent whose hair piled in layers on top of his forehead, adding intimidating inches to a slight man’s height. Freddie Lyon’s hair was a similarly magnificent confection: an epic in Bakelite black, a Brylcreemed token of the ego that powered the integrity.

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Someone just posted this...


Totally didn’t fangirl over it…

(It’s the curtain call I just I cant)

yah, marvolo agian - -": What Ben Whishaw do in "The Zero Theorem."?


Ok Guy, We all already know Ben role in this movie isn’t it? This is a New Sci-fi Movie directed by “The Genius Brazilian Director” Terry Gilliam. I just read the script of this film a few days ago. It’s fun and very interesting! But it somewhat difficult to understand. (At least for not - native…

Nice investigating!

Ben Whishaw on this morning’s Andrew Marr show.

Ben to Appear on Andrew Marr Show

Undoubtedly to talk about Peter and Alice (which starts previews today!), Ben will appear on BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show tomorrow (Sunday).  So those of you who can, tune in tomorrow at 9:00am.  Record/report for the non-Brits please!


Oh hi Ben darling

Peter Llewellyn Davies haircut looking good! I saw a fan photo the other day and he looked rather moustachioed, so we shall see about his on-stage look. 


Oh hi Ben darling

Peter Llewellyn Davies haircut looking good! I saw a fan photo the other day and he looked rather moustachioed, so we shall see about his on-stage look. 

Sometimes it’s a bit too much though, they’re just too good. In fact I played Ben’s younger brother in Bright Star a few years ago, and now I’m sort of playing him. So I’m just getting closer and closer to becoming him, really.