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Scans from The Times Saturday review Ben Whishaw article (16/3/13).
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Lovely! Nice to see the shot of Ben in character for Peter and Alice.

Ben Whishaw: Patron saint of the introverts



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The Times, 16 March 2013.

At 32, he has done Shakespeare, Keats, BBC drama and Bond - but Ben Whishaw is still poster boy for the shy. He tells Andrew Billen about fans, hair cuts and taking the West End stage with Dame Judi.

Pedants quibbled over the authenticity of Abi Morgan’s The Hour, BBC Two’s drama about the birth of current affairs television in the Fifties, but one thing the production got so right was Ben Whishaw’s hair. Whishaw played Freddie Lyon, a trouble-making journalist who was a spit for the young Charles Wheeler, the corporation’s great, feisty former Washington correspondent whose hair piled in layers on top of his forehead, adding intimidating inches to a slight man’s height. Freddie Lyon’s hair was a similarly magnificent confection: an epic in Bakelite black, a Brylcreemed token of the ego that powered the integrity.

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Video interviews from UK premiere of Cloud Atlas. Interview with Ben starts around 3m27 secs. Does a great goofy laugh at the end of his segment.

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Ben Whishaw at the Cloud Atlas gala - 18 February 2013

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Ben Whishaw at tonights Cloud Atlas premiere! Look at the adorkable way he stands!! Sadly most of my pics of him came out blurry as i was shamefully shaking somewhat XD


LONDON (2-18-13) - Hugh Grant, Jim Broadbent, James D’Arcy, Ben Whishaw, and Jim Sturgess on the red carpet at the UK Cloud Atlas premiere.  The film opens in the UK on Friday, February 22.

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Ben to Attend Tomorrow’s London Cloud Atlas Premiere

Hi all.  Realized I never did actually post this, so apologies for the late notice.  Ben is listed as an attendee for tomorrow’s Cloud Atlas premiere, which will take place at the Curzon Mayfair.  Londoners who make it there, report back!

In other (not-so-good) Cloud Atlas news, the DVD/Blu-ray release has been delayed.  Previously, the film was slated for a U.S. DVD release of a few weeks ago….but obviously, that didn’t happen.  Now, it’s looking like mid-June.  A lesson in patience, perhaps.  Grrr….

"He did give me a little bit of a squeeze when we were in bed together, which was slightly terrifying."

A nice new interview with photos over at The Daily Mail.

Because interviews between these two will never get old.


Ben Whishaw signing autographs in Berlin at 4th November 2012 (от Markus Brandes)

More Cloud Atlas interviews, now found via @crowjane29.


The Cloud Atlas cast answer who their favourite character to play is.

The only thing Ben said during the ENTIRE Cloud Atlas press conference at TIFF. But it was fabulous.