Video interviews from UK premiere of Cloud Atlas. Interview with Ben starts around 3m27 secs. Does a great goofy laugh at the end of his segment.

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LONDON (2-18-13) - Hugh Grant, Jim Broadbent, James D’Arcy, Ben Whishaw, and Jim Sturgess on the red carpet at the UK Cloud Atlas premiere.  The film opens in the UK on Friday, February 22.

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The Cloud Atlas cast answer who their favourite character to play is.

The only thing Ben said during the ENTIRE Cloud Atlas press conference at TIFF. But it was fabulous.

Behind the scenes of Cloud Atlas. Love Ben cracking up in bed with Hugh Grant.



THE NEW YORK TIMES has published a revealing essay by author David Mitchell titled, “Putting words in Halle Berry’s mouth,” about the process of adapting his novel Cloud Atlas to the big screen.  In the essay Mitchell gives a behind-the-scenes look at the role he played in the adaption process, as well as a birds eye view of what it’s like on the set of a major motion picture.  Below is a brief excerpt, however you can read the entire article HERE.

Included with the NY Times article was a NEW sneak peek of the film, which we’ve uploaded to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL. ***BEWARE OF SPOILERS***

More on Ben’s Cloud Atlas Roles

Vulture has a little feature on the most surprising faces of Cloud Atlas, and they included this blurb:

Ben Whishaw as a woman
The willowy Whishaw has a girlish figure already, so it seems inevitable that he’ll be asked to play a woman at some point in a movie like Cloud Atlas. But after spotting him in several incarnations — a goateed hippie here, a post-apocalyptic trash-heap version of David Arquette there — it’s still a hoot when the pretty Brit appears as Georgette, the alluring, soft-spoken wife of Hugh Grant (himself unrecognizable in old-age makeup).

Georgette is the sister-in-law of Jim Broadbent’s Timothy Cavendish character and appears only briefly.  And this write-up indicates that he’ll also be in the Zachry storyline, as well. 

The directors and cast of Cloud Atlas take the stage at TIFF.

This morning’s Cloud Atlas press conference at TIFF, including the WHOLE ensemble cast.  Haven’t watched it yet, but I know what I’m doing for the next hour now…

Also, saw a tweet that Ben’s fave role he played was Hugh Grant’s wife…..bahaha, awesome.

Ben’s Female Character in Cloud Atlas?

Okay everyone tell me what you think.  I noticed this around the 37th time I watched the Cloud Atlas trailer.  Do you think there’s a possibility that the woman on the right of this screencap might be Ben Whishaw’s female character in the film? It appears at :59 in the trailer.

This is from the Luisa Rey section of the film, and we know that Ben is playing a woman in that section.  And this person definitely has a….Cillian Murphy as Kitten Braden feel to her.

I’ve been staring at her in HD trying to figure it out.  And if this isn’t Ben…my apologies to this fine lady…

Cloud Atlas to Debut at TIFF

The Toronto International Film Festival unveiled some of its line up for this years’ fest this morning, and Ben’s next film, Cloud Atlas, is one of the headline makers.  The film will make its world premiere at TIFF in September, along with a host of other eye-catching films.  Read more at The Playlist.

The film’s page at the festival website STILL has no image to go with it.  That’s right folks, less than 3 months from its wide North American release, and nary a trailer nor official image in sight….hopefully this announcement will be the start of some serious promotion for the movie.