Brand new teaser from BBC 2 for “The Hour”!

Airs November 14th at 9pm.

Definitely some Freddie-on-someone action—is it the mysterious Camille or Bel?

The Hour Series 2 Press Materials

BBC America has released some press materials for series 2 of The Hour.  I haven’t seen a UK air date yet, but BBC America has November 2012 as a date for US folks!  Also, last week some folks from the production, including Abi Morgan, Dominic West, and Romola Garai took part in the TCA press work introducing the second series, see here and here.

BBC America’s got an overview, a few episode synopses, and then a bunch of old interviews from last year, so not much new. 

But oh, they casually drop this bomb (spoilers, I guess; though it’s a press release, so not really?):

"Bel bristles as newlyweds, Freddie and Camille steal the limelight at a party hosted by Hector and Marnie."

So who the hell is Camille??!  Don’t think we’ve seen her at all yet.  I haven’t turned up any information on this character other than the fact that she’s part of a racially-motivated attack.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

First glimpse of series two of The Hour in BBC2’s Original British Drama trailer.

Tidbit Roundup

I’m back!  I’m all moved and after two grueling weeks without internet, I’ve got a batch of tidbits for you.

First, an interview with The Telegraph revealed some of Ben’s influences in hisRichard II performance:  Colonel Gaddafi and Michael Jackson (awesome, can’t wait to see it).

Also in RII news, BBC released a small clip of Richard and John of Gaunt (Patrick Stewart), which was very sadly not viewable by international audiences.  Kudos to Le Beau Homme Avec Merci for finding a YouTube version!

Next, Cloud Atlas had a few test screenings (London and Pasadena, CA, I believe), and most of the word coming out of them has been really positive. I am looking forward to the film to a ridiculous extent, but I—like many—am harboring fears that it may turn out to be an….um….shit show.  Hopefully this early positive reaction means we’re in the clear!

Also, Cloud Atlasscreened for buyers at the Cannes Film Festival (in the market, not competition).  It will be released stateside by Warner Brothers on December 6, 2012, primed for awards season.  It’s run time will be whopping 2 hours and 44 minutes (I originally heard a rumor of 4 hours, which would have been amazing). (source)

On The Hourfront, Digital Spy did a little blurb (with no real info, other than a mention that we’ll be hearing from Ben in an interview on the site at some point).  The real news comes from Oona Chaplin (Marnie) and Lisa Greenwood's (Sissy) tweets, which have revealed that the second series will premiere in the UK on June 26!

Last, the trailer forSkyfall, in which Ben will be playing Q, will supposedly debut at some point Monday.  So keep your eye out on the Internets!  We’ll see if he pops up in the trailer.

Okay, I think that’s it.  I’ll close with a lovely little photo from TIFF 2009.  Carry on!


Behind the scenes of The Hour

Oooo, haven’t seen the one of Ben before.  Where are they from?

Tidbit Roundup

Holiday season is killer, so I’ve been a little MIA.  Here are a few little news bits that have popped up recently. 

First, The Guardian envies Ben’s hair (who doesn’t?)

Next, Ben made the Red Pages’ 2012 Hot 100 List.  Nice too see out man get a little notice!  It looks like they’re mainly excited about Ben’s upcoming turn as Q in Skyfall.

The Hour began filming its second series, and it was announced that a few actors have joined the cast:  Peter Capaldi, Tom Burke, and Hannah Tointon.  BBC America will once again co-produce and air the show in the states.  You can follow a few cast members on Twitter:  Oona Chaplin (Marnie) and Lisa Greenwood (Sissy).  They’ve talked a little bit about table-reads, dress fittings, etc, so hopefully we might get some goodies out of their tweets!

And last but not least, The Hour was nominated for three Golden Globes!  The show itself is up for best miniseries/made for television movie, while Romola Garai and Dominic West are up for lead acting categories.  That’s great and all, but…..also a huge WTF.  I try to be not a massively biased fangirl on this blog, but I don’t think anyone who would nominate Dominic West over Ben Whishaw even watched the show.  I’m actually trying to figure out if they were only able to submit one actor as “lead” and had to submit the other in the “supporting” category, which is much more competitive.  I seem to recall something about this (anyone out there want to help me out with an answer?).  I just find it that inconceivable.  But that’s okay, Ben gets all my awards!  All. Of. Them.

Ben [Whishaw], I could marry him. Or just have him in my cupboard and take him out from time to time and say ‘you’re so beautiful’.